Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The last night with Sylvia

July 2005

Everyone will remember July 7th, especially those of us, who were in London at the time. From the confusion we felt whilst stuck for hours on the tube in the morning, to the continual sound of police sirens, to the serene calm that pervaded the streets that evening.
For everyone working in the same office as me, that day will be remembered also as the day Anthony was killed, although it was several days before the news was confirmed.

For me though, there is another memory, it was the last time I ever saw Sylvia.

I had known Sylvia for about six weeks. We met online, sent email and eventually met for the first time a couple weeks later. It was obvious from the start that she found me very attractive. We were very intimate from the moment we met.

But when we were apart, she was so very different. She said on one occasion that she wanted to ‘run from me’. I didn’t know how to deal with that, I didn’t know what it meant. Together, she couldn’t take her hands off me, apart she was angry, upset and reluctant to talk.

Our meeting on the 7th was difficult. Most of the restaurants in Central London were closed, the bars also. So she got tired through walking, trying to find somewhere to go. Also, her mood was not so good, maybe the days events, maybe the tiredness, I don’t know. Anyway she went home early, and we agreed to meet on Saturday.


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