Thursday, April 06, 2006

Recruiting Lucia

October 2002

I recruited Lucia from a shortlist of two, equally well qualified people. My decision was based on looks, she was much prettier than him.
She was Chinese, married to a Scot and recently qualified. The position meant that she would have to work away from home for the next two months.
I knew this was a risk, since she was also a newly wed. Anyway, she accepted my offer, and started a week later, initially in London.

The itinary for my trip, was a few days in Hong Kong, meeting the team there, and then on to Shanghai. Lucia would join me in Shanghai and remain there when I returned to London. I would then return a month or so later to see what progress she was making.
Whilst in London, we put together a set of objectives, and agreed that Lucia would stay in Shanghai until the Christmas break, a period of around seven weeks.

We got on well, and I was optimistic that everything would work out well. I left for Hong Kong on 28th October. Lucia and I met in Shanghai on the evening of the 5th November.


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