Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I had to do something

November 2002

I woke up early the next morning, Sunday morning, despite not getting to my bed until around 5am. My immediate thought was Maggie. We had made a rather loose arrangement to meet for lunch, but I'd forgotten to take her telephone number. She knew where I was staying though.

I had some free time until 3pm when I was due to meet Henry and his wife. We were to fly to Shanghai that afternoon. I took myself to Causeway Bay for a little shopping. My enthusiasm didn't last long. My thought were elsewhere.

After a while, I took my first walk in Victoria Park. On a sunny Sunday morning like this, it's an amazing place. Full, literally, of what I later discovered were Filipino's, on their day off, in large groups, eating, talking, laughing and even dancing. Their food providing an incredible array of smell and colour. So many of them looking as I walked by; I liked that feeling.

Periodically, I called back to the hotel to check for messages. There were none. It began to bother me. For some reason I was keen to see Maggie again. I don't know why that was though, for at that time I had no expectation that we could ever meet again.

In the end I had to do something, so remembering that she told me she lived near to Central, I headed for the Metro.


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