Monday, April 24, 2006

Where does the story begin?

April 2006

I keep asking myself; where does this story begin?

Should I perhaps give some details of my childhood? Will that give my readers some clue as to motivation? I could write for hours about my father and you might think that I am obviously his son. Would this help though? I might increase your understanding, it's true. But I don't seek sympathy or empathy. I am not looking to justify my behaviour.

Maybe the best place to start is the evening I met Kate. It could be that this relationship, although brief, never consummated, and more about letters than dates, is the true beginning. Although it predates Maggie by nearly two years.

And in essence, this is a story about my relationship with Maggie. A relationship that started on 2nd November 2002. The night I walked into a bar in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.


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