Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Relations with Lucia

June 2003

After that night, relations between Lucia and I were much more difficult.
I didn't send her back to Shanghai, a decision that prompted many questions. Questions that were difficult to answer. For although it would have been nice to tell people that she tried to seduce me, I was sensitive enough to protect her dignity. I also had a slight worry, that people may think that we'd had an affair.
I dressed things up as much as possible by saying that Lucia would support Shanghai from the UK for a while, and would probably go back out later in the year.
Then when the questions ceased I moved onto another un-related duty. She was very unhappy, often in tears and seemed close to walking out. I offered her very little support.

Then a few months later, after I had taken up my new post in Shanghai, she sent me a brief note saying that she was leaving. She asked if I might give her a reference. I never did, and didn't expect to hear from her again.

I was wrong..


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