Monday, April 10, 2006

Doing the right thing

April 2006

I did the right thing today.

I didn't do it in the right way. Or for the right reason. I told a good many lies. I didn't plan it, if anything it started in anger. But I played it well. Calm, confident and decisive. I apologised for the past and spoke with compassion.

Maggie got the job, and starts straight away, with a three month contract. A receptionist at HKD 13k a month.

For the last three months she has been asking to get back together. That has always been impossible from my point of view. I didn't tell her that though, I simply avoided the question, with enough of a hint to give her a small hope.

She has had no income for months, and so has been forced to look for work. She asked me to wait for three months while she made a little money to give to her family.

So I told her today that I couldn't wait any more. I said I really needed someone now. I said I thought she was ready to come over and start again. I said I was very disappointed.
I didn't say breakup, but I did say that I would look for someone else. I said I thought I was a better person now. I said she that what I had learnt from her would help me in my next relationship. I said I should be able to make my next partner very happy.

And she said "I wonder who that lucky lady will be". I hope I will always remember that moment.


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