Monday, April 10, 2006

Another lady in a white hat

April 2006

It must be because it is still cold in the mornings and everyone is still wearing a hat. And white is a popular colour, even though it shows the dirt. Anyway, there is a second lady in a white hat.

She has two dogs; I pass here at the same place each day. I have not seen her face properly, but I still have an impression of her. And from behind she is a really nice shape. She is so very slim and a good height. She wears an anorak and a pair of green Barbour's.

I imagine her to be intelligent, energetic and have a good sense of fun. I think she likes to read and cook.

She could be a farmer's wife, or a solicitor who has opted to live outside the city for the clean air and quality of life.

I always want to stop and talk and arrange to have coffee. But each morning it seems that I make the pressure of time my excuse.


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