Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The question today

April 2006

I think what I liked most about Maggie was the way she made me feel. The way she loved me was so obvious for all to see. That is the thing I find so difficult to let go of. That is why, even now, after so long apart, I am still so happy to hear from her. An email or a telephone call saying
that she misses me, loves me and can't live without me, what could be better than that? That is why I have always allowed her to hope that one day we might be together again.

Many times in the last year, I thought I would not hear from her again, only to be surprised once again by a call, note or card.

Why does she keep coming back? When, to anyone else, the situation would seem completely hopeless. After all I have done, after all she has suffered, she still doesn't give up.

And the question on my mind today; will she come back again?


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