Friday, April 21, 2006

One hundred fantasies

April 2006

Today is much like every other day in the office. And as usual I watch the world go by from my office window. I overlook a busy junction and cars pass by as if on one continuous chain.

I have been here two months now and hope to get two months more. I took redundancy from my last employer at the end of January. The work is ok and the pay is very good.

The noise from outside is a constant hum, car engines, motorbikes and buses, interrupted only by the large voice of the man in the next office, as he talks football to everyone who calls.

There is another kind of traffic, people traffic, in particular female traffic. They are quieter and so much more pleasing to the eye.

They pass by in their hundreds, young, slim and beautiful, dressed always to attract attention. Some are with friends, a few with boyfriends but mostly they are alone.

I watch them as they walk into, and then beyond my view. I wonder about their lives, does anyone hold them as they sleep? I wonder what they like, would any of them look at me?

A few have become familiar. One in particular, always wearing a short black skirt, she is tall, slim and very attractive. I see her sometimes when I take coffee in Starbucks or pop into Sainsbury's.

As each girl passes briefly through my life, they leave the same question in my mind.


Blogger oki said...

Your writing is interesting and it seems your life is also. I like what you are doing with the blog.

2:48 am  
Blogger something from me said...

Hi oki, thanks for taking the time to read by writing. Nice to get a positive comments. I have had a few now.
I liked what you wrote about throwing things away. We all get a bit of that. There will be references to this in some of my later writing. So stay tuned.

Any formatting tips? Yours looks better than mine.

9:47 am  

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