Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Immediate intimacy

November 2002

It was shortly after this that we left the bar.

To my surprise, after a brief conversation between Maggie and her friend, the friend left to go home. Maggie and I, hand in hand, walked off to find somewhere quiet, where we could become better acquainted.

This time I took her hand, joking that she could protect me from the amorous advances of the girls who sit in wait outside the numerous girlie bars that dominate that area of Hong Kong. She seemed quite impressed. 'You have class' she said.

I decided not to mention that only the night before, the combination of my curiosity, a little drink and a sexy young girl in her underwear was enough to make me venture behind one of those black curtains. Where I then spent an hour talking and drinking with the same young girl, who did all she could to sell me a night of passion. Despite her considerable charms and very 'hands on' approach to selling, I was able to resist. Perhaps it was the HKD 2000 price tag.

Minutes later Maggie and I were sat, with drinks, in an Irish bar. Intimacy was immediate, touching, kissing, holding, it felt so natural. Once we kissed, it was difficult to stop. She just kept offering herself for more, with a look in her eyes, that I later got to know so well. She didn't kiss well though, much too rough, I remember.

Conversation was fairly easy going, just getting to know you stuff. Her mother called to see where she was and what time she would be home. I told her I had just moved to Hong Kong to take up a new job.

When the bar closed, around 4pm, we caught a cab and I saw her home. She called her mother to say she was on her way. At the door to her apartment we kissed again and said goodnight.

I forgot to ask for her number.


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