Monday, May 08, 2006

Back again

May 2006

It took three weeks, and then, when I'd started to think that maybe this time I really had heard the last, I got this email:

'honey, are you only teasing with me, said want to be back together? i email you after we spoke, and told you you are more important than work, i decide be back with you again, why you don't reply to me. and i said i need to talk, why you don;'t call me or write me your landline no. that i can call. are you not serious about our getting back. let me know.'

I hadn't replied to her last emails, being consistent I think with the conversation we had four weeks ago.

And each time we have a break in communication, I begin to wonder if she has finally decided to let the relationship end. Or that maybe this time she really has met somebody else. As she has just started a new job, it seemed quite likely.

Now she is back again, and I have to consider whether to respond, and what to say if I do.


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