Thursday, May 04, 2006

And so it began...

November 2002

And so it began..... my relationship with Maggie. A telephone call in the evening, a text message before going to sleep, and email during the day; for me it was just a bit of fun.

I didn't expect that we would ever meet again, but I thought it would be nice to keep in touch for a while.

It wasn't more than a couple of days before I began to see that for Maggie it was much more than that. She started calling me 'honey' and her emails were saying things like 'my lovely Steve', 'I can't wait to see you again' and 'forever'. It took me by surprise that she was so open about her feelings so early on.

And clearly, she expected to see me in Hong Kong in the next week or so. I needed a plan.

My first email to her, turned out to be rather prophetic, it was just the lines of a song:

'There may be trouble ahead, but when there's moonlight and music and love and romance, let's face the music and dance'.


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