Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What if she were beautiful?

May 2006

For a while now I've been getting emails from a guy who claims to be a 'dating guru'. And recently I got the opportunity to put a little of what he preaches into practice.

When I started working in this office in February, I was introduced to all the other staff, as is normal. Everyone I met was friendly enough, as you might expect. Everyone that is, except one woman; the most senior woman in the company.

Although polite, she clearly had no intention to be friendly. She seemed rather arrogant, and I think she wanted me to feel intimidated.

In the past I would have tried to make her like me. I would have smiled and tried to make conversation; trying to show her that I was a 'nice guy'. Instead though, I simply said 'Nice to meet you', turned and left the office.

I didn't see her often, our job natures don't require us to meet. Occasionally though, I would pass her in the corridor or on the stairs, and initially she seemed to maintain the same attitude. My response was always the same; look straight at her with a slightly cheeky smile, say 'hi', and continue walking. I tried to let her see that I cared little whether she liked me or not.

In recent weeks though, her behaviour began to change. At first the tone of her voice became less condescending and her manner more pleasant. Then she starting smiling and saying something like 'how are you?'

I continued in the same vain. I didn't show any recognition that there had been an improvement. I showed her the same level of indifference.

And then today, as I stood by the water dispenser, I saw her walking towards me, from a distance I noticed her smile. She said 'hello', and as she passed me she looked away, like a bashful teenager, worried that I might not like her.

It seems like a result. But then I wonder; she isn't attractive and she's not my boss, so I really don't care whether she likes me. I will leave here in a month or two.

So the question is......... what if she were beautiful?


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