Friday, May 12, 2006

Approval was given

November 2002

Due to the very vociferous complaints of a particular Project Director, the Shanghai Office was perceived to be a particular problem, about which my boss felt particularly exposed. This is what gave me the first opportunity to travel out to the Far East, resulting in my meeting Maggie. It created a situation that I could exploit.

Indeed it had already been tentatively agreed that I would return to Shanghai, to follow up on progress with Lucia.

I set a return date of 1st December and decided that I would try to include another visit to Hong Kong at the end of the trip. I would need approval however and therefore some justification to support my application. So I spoke to Henry to try to convince him that we still had work to do prior to the year end. Fortunately, he was happy to endorse my plan.

So I put forward a travel application for a ten day trip, five days in Shanghai and five in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong part of the trip to include the weekend.

Two days later approval was given.


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