Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Deja vu

November 2003

From the outset Ki was in earnest. Her questions were serious, her intention was serious, but she never asked to see a photograph.

She talked about our relationship, about missing me, about wanting to be together as soon as possible. It was deja vu. Go back one year and I was getting exactly the same emails from Maggie.

The difference this time though was that Ki and I had never met.

She said it was difficult being apart, and constantly asked for my return date. She wanted to plan a holiday to Phuket. 'Such a romantic place' she told me.

Then she asked me to call her at the weekend.

I knew that I could easily make an excuse this time. But by now, I already suspected that my relationship with Maggie was finite. So I wanted to keep my options open.

Maggie and I always spent the weekends together, we were never out of each others sight. There seemed only way I could call Ki. I had to go into the office.


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