Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Get a drink

February 2003

I decided not to answer her. On this occasion I hadn’t consciously been looking at anyone else, and I wanted to avoid any bad feeling. I was going home in two days time. ‘Come on’ I said, ‘lets go and get something to drink’

She was quiet as we walked over to an ice cream stand. ‘Do you want to try the ice?’ she asked.
‘Can do babe’

And with that her mood was back to normal. Although I’d noticed that in the last few days she seemed less happy, but had already decided that I would not ask about it, even though it was causing me a little concern.

Soon after, we were back in the coach on our way to a tea plantation, and an opportunity to buy some green tea. The plantation was fairly small, taking us just a few minutes to walk around. Then we were given a small cup, and allowed to taste the various varieties on sale.

‘Do you want to buy some’
‘No need, honey, my mother knows were to buy the green tea much cheaper than this’

Then we had another couple of hours on the coach as we headed for the hotel. That evening we were to see a show after our dinner.

After the show, we disobeyed the guides instructions and went for a walk through the town. The guide informed us that the streets were dangerous at night. Maggie was reluctant at first, ‘better not’ she said when I suggested going out.

She soon relaxed though as we walked down the street, looking in the shops, I held her close to me. Everyone who passed us stared at me, some said ‘hello’ of ‘how are you’. Maggie told me not to reply, but I did anyway. I didn’t want to be rude or cause offence.

Eventually we came to an area dominated by bars and restaurants. ‘Shall we get a drink?’ I asked.
‘Is it too dangerous, honey?’
‘I don’t think so babe’


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