Monday, December 04, 2006

Trump card

February 2003

I climbed out of bed and opened my suitcase. Taking one of the cards, I sat at the desk, picked up the hotel pen, unwrapped the card, and wrote:

‘Babe, do you know how much I love you? From your secret admirer’

I put the card into its envelope, sealed it, and wrote Maggie’s name and work address on the front. Then I put the card down on the desk and walked over to the chair where I’d left my clothing. I started to get dressed.

‘Honey?.......... Why you putting the clothes on?’ Finally she was beginning to wake up.
‘It’s nothing babe, just go back to sleep’
‘How can I sleep? Honey what are you doing? Is something wrong?’
‘No, of course not, I just have to pop out for a few minutes’
‘Go out? Honey, you cannot leave me here alone. What’s going on?’
‘I just need to go out for a few minutes. I’ll be straight back’
‘Why honey? What’s wrong?’
‘Nothings wrong’
‘Then why are going out?’
‘Look, I can’t tell you ok. It’s a surprise’ that was my ‘trump’ card. I was after all doing something for her. I had to do it now, because for the rest of my stay we would be together. What other chance would I get?

‘Honey, I know you are unhappy’
‘No babe, just go to sleep, I’ll be back in a minute’
‘Why do you have to go now?’
‘I just thought I could go as you slept, then you wouldn’t have to know. It is a pity you woke up’

I walked back to the desk, and making some attempt to conceal the card, I left the room, heading for reception. They took the card, and I paid in cash for the postage. Then I added a note on the envelope, ‘not to be opened until 14th February’

When I got back upstairs, Maggie was sat up in bed with the television on. ‘I thought you would go back to sleep’
‘How could I, when you are not here?’
‘Well I’m here now’ I climbed back into bed.

Maggie turned my face toward hers and kissed me. ‘Such nice kiss’ she said, ‘now I am exciting’


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