Friday, November 17, 2006

Our first day

February 2003

We left shortly after, catching a taxi outside her apartment building, for the City Garden Hotel.

As soon as we were in our room, we showered quickly and then made love. ‘Oh honey, do you know how much I miss that?’ she asked.
‘Me too babe’

Maggie had booked the room this time, and as it was to my account, she had organized a discount rate through a friend of hers. Consequently, the room was not as nice as we’d had previously. I felt a little bit disappointed. ‘Shall we upgrade?’ I asked. ‘You want to upgrade, why?’ she asked, ‘is not a good idea honey, think how much you have to spend’

To avoid an argument, I left it there.

Despite being very tired by now, I did not sleep very well. I lay awake for long periods with Maggie asleep in my arms. I loved that feeling; so close, I loved the way to fell to sleep so easily when I held her.

She woke late in the morning, we kissed and made love again. It was early afternoon when we walked to Causeway Bay, to meet her family for lunch. We were both very hungry. They had started without us, as we were rather late. We ordered more food. At the end, I picked up the bill. ‘Honey, you are so good, you give me a lot of face. You are not money minded at all’

I wasn’t. It was true. But I knew I should be. I could claim any of this on expenses.

We walked for a while, then took her mother home. We didn’t stay long. Maggie picked up some fresh clothing, and then suggested we catch the bus back. ‘Save money’ she said.

So that was our first day over. We made love for the second time that day, then watched TV.


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