Thursday, November 09, 2006


January 2003

That evening, she asked ‘did you get my email?’
‘I did, and I sent you a reply’
‘So is the issue closed? Or do we need to talk on this some more?’

I didn’t want to talk about it, I wanted her explanation in writing. And I wanted the issue to stay with us for a few days, I wanted her to sense a little unhappiness between us.

‘Read my email in the morning, I did have a couple of question’
‘Ok honey, I will read tomorrow and send you the response, then case closed ok?’

We talked as normal. The trip to China was confirmed. We would leave Hong Kong just after the New Year for two nights.

In two days time I would be flying back to Hong Kong. My third trip to see Maggie in less than two months. ‘I can’t wait honey’ she said. I didn’t respond, and soon changed the subject.

The next morning her email said:

Honey, no one calls anymore, as I said, I always give the unpleasant response, so they have no hope, they know that, so they stop calling already.

Honey, you have to trust me, I do not like the other guys, maybe they are not the gentlemen, have no manners. Honey, I just have you now. I do not want to go out with anyone else, I only need one man, that is you honey.

So let’s say case closed, ok? If we keep talking this issue, I will feel uncomfortable’

Why did she keep talking about trust? The note pissed me off more than the last one. Why didn’t she just answer the question? I was not going to let it drop. I wanted to find out about these people. Why did she mention them? There was definitely something behind it.


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