Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Their prey

January 2003

When I called her that evening, I repeated my email request that she should not make any bookings until we have agreed the dates.

Eventually she agreed to wait.

She then went on to tell me that she had booked a trip to Southern China, ‘so inexpensive’ she said, ‘and you know honey, I think you haven’t been there so is ok for you to see’
‘And is it ok for you too? I asked.
‘Is ok honey, but I don’t really like it, for Hong Kong people we always think that mainland China people are so dirty, you know they very poor, no money at all, and they don’t care about personal hygiene. They throw the shit in the street, so horrible’
‘Maybe they don’t have any other option. Nobody want to live like that’
‘Oh they don’t care, they are so undeveloped’
‘So maybe we shouldn’t go, if you don’t like it’
‘But might be interesting for you. We will join the tour. Will not be luxury accommodation, but hopefully will be clean. I will have to pay, as the agent won’t take the credit card’

‘If we make a trip, I want you to enjoy too. Why not go somewhere else, as we discussed before. I don’t think you will be comfortable if we do this trip’
‘Oh honey, I will be ok, I will be with you. You see I am considerate person. And you know I haven’t been for couple of years, so maybe better than I think. Honey don’t worry’

The conversation was drawing to a close, when I asked ‘you are not upset because I asked you wait before booking the wedding are you?’
‘Is ok honey, I understand, is just a matter of timing only, right?’
‘Yes’ I confirmed.

It is a great regret to me that I just cannot quite remember what she said next. I have tried so often to recall her exact words, but alas the memory is gone. I just wasn’t paying enough attention.
Alluding to an anonymous band of men who she has referred to before as her ‘admirers’, she hinted that they remained very much alive and were still actively seeking their prey


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