Thursday, October 26, 2006

My highest priority

January 2003

I felt a bit sorry after that, and sent her an email that evening saying ‘Babe, you need never worry, you are always safe with me, now and forever’ I also sent a text with a similar message.

She wrote back, ‘so happy to receive your sweet text, I know I should not worry, honey I know you are so sincere to me, I never have the doubt, only cannot wait until our happy day’

As always I called her in the afternoon. ‘How about I come over to UK?’ she asked.
‘I thought we decided you were coming over at Easter’
‘We did………….. but you know I’m thinking that I could come to UK to live after we marry, if you don’t have a job in Hong Kong’
‘Babe, you are changing your mind everyday’
‘Well honey I think everything is flexible, and if you don’t have the job, then our plan has to change, right? You know we have to be selfish, we have to think what we want, if we are going to be happy’
‘Have you mentioned this to your mother?’
‘No, just my thinking only. You know I want a solution to our problem’

‘So, are you saying now that you want to marry in Hong Kong, and then we move here?’
‘That’s what I’m thinking’
‘But I thought you never wanted to leave Hong Kong?’
‘You are right, I always say will never leave Hong Kong, even when sister ask me to live in Montreal. But now I meet you, I think place is not my priority anymore, you are my highest priority now’

‘And your job?’
‘You know is a good job, and my boss is very kind to me. But he is not priority too, you are much important to me now’


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