Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So that was it

January 2003

‘But honey, as I already say, I forgive you, I know you will not upset me in this way again. If we keep talking on this subject I will feel uncomfortable. So case closed ok?’
‘But if you say that I upset you, how can I let that go?’

I was beginning to feel bored with the subject myself, but still did not want to let it go. I didn’t want to hear that I was forgiven, I wanted her to apologies, to accept the blame.

Lucia stepped into my office, it was two days since we’d had dinner, and we hadn’t spoken since, when she saw I was on the telephone she left me a note saying, ‘please see me before you leave tonight’.

‘Honey, you did upset me, but know is forgotten, ok? I am happy again now, I know I will see you soon. Maybe we can go somewhere for traveling, you know Hong Kong is much boring. We could go to Taipei, I think they have good deal for New Year, let me call the agent’
‘But it was not all my fault that you were upset. You misunderstood, you know that don’t you’
‘Honey, every problem is made by two persons. Honey, I just want to be with you. You know all the problem is caused by us being apart. When we are married, you know, there will be no more problem like this. You know, I want to get married as soon as possible, then will be so happy. You are right, the problem is my misunderstanding only, caused by missing you so much.

So that was it. We were happy again.

I worked late that night, having fallen behind these last few days. I didn’t get chance to speak to Lucia.


Blogger Avery DeBow said...

Hi. I couldn't find an e-mail for you, so I'm leaving this here. You left a comment for me a long time ago -- thank you. My blog never told me I had comments until today, when I switched to the new beta version and found a pile of them waiting for me. You have my apologies for not replying earlier. I don't have any sample chapters, but you can see a synopsis of my novel at www.myspace.com/averydebow. Thanks again.

9:30 pm  
Anonymous Elaine said...

you're such a mind fucker, aren't you? :)

4:06 pm  
Blogger something from me said...

Thanks Avery. I will look at your myspace page when I get more time. What benefit does myspace give you?

I love you.

9:43 am  

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