Tuesday, September 12, 2006


January 2003

Two days after my return from Hong Kong, I called Maggie earlier than was usual; it was a little after midday. I was going to the theatre that afternoon, and then for dinner, and would not get another chance to call that day.

There was no answer from her home number, so I called her mobile. As soon as she answered, I could tell from the level of background noise that she must be out to dinner with her family.

‘Hi babe’
‘Oh hi honey’
‘Am I disturbing you?’
‘I am having dinner with Mother and Sister, but its ok, still can talk’
‘It’s just I can’t call later, I am going out with my Mother, and I wanted to talk about your trip to UK’ I lied.
‘Ok honey, no problem, I always want to hear your voice’
‘Well, the thing is, I spoke to my Mother earlier and she says she won’t be in the UK when you are here. And then, you know, end of January will still be very cold here. So I was thinking that perhaps it was better if I come to Hong Kong again this time, and we delay your trip for a couple of months. What do you think?’
‘Is something wrong honey? Do you have some reason why you don’t want me to come to UK?
‘No, of course not. Its just that……….’
‘Just a minute honey, sister wants to talk to you’

‘Hi’ I said, rather puzzled.
‘Hello’ she replied, ‘We are having dinner now. Why don’t you call Maggie later?’
‘I can’t, I will be busy’
‘Ok, then call her tomorrow. I know you two will talk for an hour, all through dinner’

And then the line went dead. Did she cut me off? I didn’t know, but I furious, telling myself I would not call her back….. ever.


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