Sunday, September 03, 2006

New phone

January 2003

The buffet was very good, although Maggie and I did not really do it justice. Maggie's mother however, ate until she could eat no more. Maggie had a coupon from a local paper, entitling one of us to dine for free, 'see honey, I save the money for you'.

Maggie's mother caught a taxi home, and we decided to walk for a while, and headed toward Admiralty and Causeway Bay.

'I was thinking' I said, 'since your phone isn't working, maybe we could look for another one for you'
'Very thoughtful, honey, everyone will see how you take care of me. I know the best places to look'

It seemed that all the best places were in Causeway Bay, but that didn't stop us looking in several shops along the way. By the time we got to Causeway Bay, she had pretty much decided on a small Siemens phone, now she wanted to find the best deal.

We toured the shops, and found one where they offered a for extras for free. Mobile phones were more expensive in Hong Kong than I had thought, but it was already too late to think about that.

Then she said, 'I will just call my brother, see what he says' I was annoyed by this, didn't she think we could manage to buy a mobile phone on our own. Why did we need help?

Anyway, the advice from her brother seemed fairly ambiguous. So we returned to the shop, and bought the phone. By now it was late, so on leaving the shop, we headed down toward Victoria Park, and North Point.

I dropped back for a second, Maggie's phone rang, 'a call already' she said with a little curiosity, 'hello'.
'Babe' I said laughing, 'I just wanted to be the first person to call you on your new phone'


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