Monday, July 10, 2006


January 2003

I awoke, after only a couple of hours sleep, with the most awful headache, and immediately started to search the hotel room for some painkillers. I found nothing, but succeeded in waking Maggie in the process.

'I know how to deal with the headache' she told me, and tipping the contents of a small bag onto the bed, she found a small jar of something resembling vasoline.

Then sitting astride me, she massaged the cream onto my temples. I am not sure whether it was the smell of the ointment, or the gentle massage, but the throbbing reduced almost at once.

'That's incredible' I said
'Anything for my loved one'

She then found a small packet containing a white powder, which she poured onto my tongue. It tasting disgusting. I washed it away, as soon as I could with some bottled water.

I thanked her with a kiss, and held her, as we drifted back to sleep. 'Happy birthday, babe' I whispered.

We slept until midday, by now, my headache was completely gone, thanks to Maggie's remedies, so I was keen to get up, and start the day. 'No rush honey' she said, and then drifted in and out of sleep for the next couple of hours.

We ate lunch in one of the numerous restaurants opposite the hotel, and then walked into Causeway Bay. 'I know the best shops' she told me.


Blogger Mags said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today!

3:45 am  
Blogger Anali said...

So have you finished the book yet? LOL. When do you arrive in Boston?

4:09 am  
Blogger theresa said...

more, please

2:47 pm  

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