Wednesday, June 28, 2006


December 2002

'Of course you can honey'
'Well, I've been thinking about this a lot lately. You have always lived at home with your mother, just dating, so obviously you have never wanted to commit to somebody before. You seem to have a happy life at home with your mother and dogs. Are you sure you are ready to give all that up? Are you sure you really want to settle down with someone?'

I stopped for a second to collect my thoughts, but I wasn't given another opportunity to speak.

'Not someone honey, I want to be with you. I never settle down before because I never meet someone I really love. I think this is life, right? It can take half of the life to find the right person.

When I met you, I have the feeling already. I never have that before. So you see, this is the fate, you know what I mean? In Hong Kong, we say that if two people have the fate, they must always be together, no matter what. I believe that. I believe we have the fate. Even though you are the westerner and I am Asian, we still meet, right? And even though I don't see you for long time, my feeling to you always stay the same.

So this is true love. You are always in my mind. So we must have the fate.

I am not young anymore, I know my mind. I know that we will be together forever. I know that we will be happy, because we have true love, because we have fate.

Honey, I will always be by your side, and I need you to be with me always too. Do you promise me honey? Can you promise that?'

It was a good Christmas Day.


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