Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Don't worry

December 2002

It was now just a few days before Christmas. I was still visiting the hospital on a daily basis. One of the nurses, although not young, was rather sexy; always wearing low cut tops that revealed an abundant cleavage, tightly packed into a black bra. I began timing my visits to match her shift.

She complimented me on my athletic body, saying I had a lovely flat stomach. She always bent over me in such a way that, I got a long look at her ample breasts. I imagined myself touching them.

I thought about her hand sliding up my leg, touching me, exciting me, and us making love in that small hospital room, her screaming as Maggie had done.

Maggie and I kept to our routine, speaking for at least an hour every day. It was on the Saturday before Christmas, I called her after going to the hospital, she had been waiting for my call, and said 'honey, you are serious about us getting married aren't you?'

I immediately knew I should take this opportunity. I could say something like, 'maybe we should take some time to think about this' or 'perhaps we shouldn't rush into anything'. Say 'no' without saying 'no'.

But instead I said, 'of course..... Why do you ask?'
'Oh nothing' she said, 'its just, my sister arrived from Montreal today, and tomorrow the whole family will have a dinner, so I want to tell them my news'
'Its just that after I tell them, I will lose face, if you changed your mind'
'Don't worry' I said.

She continued' 'you know honey, for our tradition, I will lose much face, if I tell my family, and then we don't get married'
'Don't worry'
'And honey, we never can be divorcing, no-one in our family is ever divorcing, can you promise me honey?'
'Yes' I replied, 'don't worry'


Blogger nepspeed82 said...

Saying Yes while your mind says No is a difficult thing to do.

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