Monday, June 19, 2006

You can never tell anyone

December 2002

It was just two days after I submitted my travel request that I received confirmation of approval. It seemed so easy. I hadn't mentioned the blood clot and so, no questions were asked. In less than two weeks time, I would be going back to Hong Kong.

My flight would be landing on Friday 3rd January, and stay until 9th. On this occasion I would not be going to Shanghai. This meant that I could spend the day with Maggie, on her birthday Sunday 5th January. We would have six nights together.

I sent her an email that evening saying; 'you are cordially invited to a day out on your birthday to include lunch and finding you a birthday present, followed by dinner in a restaurant of your choice'

Her reply; 'I am so happy to accept, does this mean you will be in Hong Kong? Oh, so happy, that I can spend my birthday with you. The days menu will be; starter - buy a gift for your loved one (honey, I already decide what it will be), main course - dinner in Ritz-Carlton hotel, desert - making love'

'I like desert best' I said.

And then I asked, 'how old will you be, this birthday'

I had asked this on several occasions before. Always she had asked me to guess, and I'd be generous in my reply. Once she wrote to me, asking 'how important do you think is two lovers age?' This time however, she did give me an answer, adding, 'but honey, you know everyone says I look much younger, and remember, this is our secret, you can never tell anyone'


Blogger Anali said...

The whole age thing is so interesting. Everyone thinks I am so much younger than I am, so they are in shock when they find out.

1:14 am  

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