Friday, June 09, 2006


December 2002

I left work at lunchtime. My flight wasn't until nearly midnight, so Maggie and I had some time together before I had to leave.

Finding her in bed, I immediately started kissing her, and then got undressed. We made love several times that afternoon, dozing or talking in between. As before, she climaxed many times.

That afternoon, both of us lying naked on the bed, was perhaps the first time I had really looked at her body. She certainly was very slim, but without being skinny. Her breasts were small, firm and gorgeously shaped. And although not pretty, it seemed to me, at that moment, that she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

It all so surreal, there I was, in a luxury hotel, 6000 miles from home, lying naked with a truly beautiful woman. And how did I suddenly become such a good lover?

And yet the whole afternoon was tinged with sadness. In just a few hours, I would be boarding a flight back to London, with no certainty that I would ever be back.

We lay there as long as we could, but time was against us, and having not eaten all day, we were both hungry. So with great reluctance, we got dressed and left the hotel.

Maggie chose an Italian restaurant near to Hong Kong's famous escalator, so that I could walk her home, when we'd finished.

The restaurant was fairly empty. Maggie just ordered a starter, saying she didn't want much, I ordered salmon. For a while we sat there not speaking, neither of us having any mood for small talk.

Eventually though, she broke the silence asking 'honey.......... do you want to get married?'


Blogger Anali said...

I was wondering when this subject was going to come up. It's very interesting. I have all these questions in my mind about what happened, since it is a three year story. Years ago, when I would read mysteries, I would read the end first to find out how it ended because I could not stand the suspense. I realized that it didn't even matter, because the answer was out of context, so I really didn't understand the ending. I feel like this might be the same. Even if I knew how things ended up with her, I need the know the whole story to have context for deeper understanding.

Oh, and I don't know how to add a site meter yet! I have to figure it out! But nice to know that we're helping each other out.

1:37 pm  
Blogger nepspeed82 said...

I guess there's only godbye now. Leave the girl with a bastard son. I'm not quite sure if I understand it correctly. Is she pregnant or not or if it will be divulged later if it is or isn't.

8:13 pm  

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