Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Do we need to eat?

December 2002

So I did kiss her, and looking back, it seems like we hardly stopped kissing from that moment on. In the taxi, in the hotel, in the street, on park benches, in the club that night, we kissed and we kissed.

My company had booked me an executive room, in the City Garden Hotel, North Point. Once in the room, I went to freshen up whilst Maggie called her mother. I was surprised by the amount of time it took her to sort out a minor domestic issue. Having finished in the bathroom, I sat on the bed waiting for Maggie to conclude her call.

Finally Maggie switched off her phone, walked across the room and sat astride me, we kissed with tremendous passion. It was perhaps, our first truly sexual moment. We kissed and touched, not wanting to stop, both of us knowing that we only had a few days together; days that would change our lives forever.

And there we were, five weeks to the day, since we first met, two people who wanted nothing more than to be together, holding, touching, kissing; nothing else mattered. It was the moment, above all others, that I'd been waiting for.

And yet, at the same time, it seemed too soon, and after a while something made me ask, 'do we need to eat?'


Blogger hippobutt said...

WOW. I got hot just reading that... man, I need a girl friend...

3:37 pm  

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