Thursday, May 25, 2006

Maybe tomorrow

May 2006

David wrote to me again today, he wanted me to know how he learnt the art of attracting beautiful women. At the start, it seems, he was just like any other guy, then one day he made the decision that he was going to 'get this part of my life called "meeting women" handled'

So what did he do; well he spent several years it seems watching motivational videos, reading books and going to seminars. But his real breakthrough came when he started 'hanging out' with guys who were 'naturally successful with women'

It is from watching these guys in action that he was able to formulate ideas into a system. It is this system that has enabled him to date models and celebrities.

Every week he sends me free emails with tips on how to approach, talk to, and attract beautiful women. He uses something called the three minute email technique.

I plan to use it. I am always looking for an opportunity. At lunchtime, in Starbucks, in the supermarket, any time when I am on my own away from home. I might see a woman I like, and wait for the moment to approach. But then at the last minute I lose my nerve, find an excuse, and tell myself maybe tomorrow.


Blogger Zennie said...

Is it THAT hard to approach a woman? To the extent of attending seminars, watching motivational videos? *puzzled* Nice blog. An addictive read=p

6:49 pm  

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