Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kiss it

December 2002

The office was busier than when I'd last visited, with quite a number of commercial staff in town to negotiate contract terms with our one and only client.

Lucia was very happy to see me and we soon found ourselves a quiet corner to discuss her progress. I thought I could detect unhappiness in her voice, but decided to wait before I broached the subject.

She was staying in the same hotel as me, so we later caught a taxi back together and went to a local restaurant, with a few colleagues for dinner. The restaurant was very pleasant, and after a couple of beers, the conversation was fairly lively. Lucia seemed happy enough, so that I thought that maybe I'd been mistaken earlier.

The following morning we were to attend a seminar hosted by KPMG about foreign exchange restrictions China, so after we left the restaurant, I made my excuses, and went to my room to call Maggie.

It was great to talk to her, she was so happy and her talk became very playful. I mentioned that I had a huge bed to sleep in, and she referred to the fun we might have if she were there too.

I told her that she had excited me, hinting that I was a little erect, whereupon she asked 'would you like me to kiss it?'


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