Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Too great

November 2002

Another day passed, it was Saturday and only two days until I would return to Shanghai. Maggie and I spoke earlier than usual, I took the opportunity to call her from football, unsure whether I would get another chance later in the day. In another week, we would be together.

That evening, I received an email from her saying:

'Honey, I only know you such short time, but I am so impressed by the way you are and how you keep our long distance relationship. I think this is life, a person takes half their life to find that perfect someone to spend the rest of the life with.

Although, I only spend a few hours with you, I know you are the one for me, this will be forever, no doubt. I never have this feeling before, it was love at the first eye sight. You are my sweet, sexy Steve, can't wait to start our life together'

I knew that what I was doing was wrong. I knew it from the start. And I knew too that it would be better to stop now, before I made things any worse. But how could I resist such words. At the time, for me, it was impossible. Not because, I didn't have the strength to resist, but because I didn't have the will.

It's simple really. The temptation was too great.


Blogger Zennie said...

Sigh..temptation defeats man. Maggie sounds like a girl hopeful of a future with you, if i were her, i'd be SOO devastated when i finally realise the future is bleak. Saddening.

6:56 pm  

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