Monday, May 22, 2006

The end of next week

November 2003

It was several days before I got this from Ki:

'Why don't you write me like you said you would? Do you know how worried I am? Please write to me. I won't give you the pressure about our meeting. I will be patient. Just please let me know that we are ok'

So the pressure was off. She would be reluctant to start asking about meeting up again, at least for a while.

I wrote back after a couple of days 'don't worry, I am ok, just very busy at work, I have a lot to finish this week, as it has to be sent to the UK before the end of next week'

I didn't bother to mention that at the end of next week, I too would be going back to the UK, for personal reasons. I would be gone for about two weeks.

And I had a bit of a problem. I hadn't told Maggie that I was going back to the UK either.


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