Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Not a hope

November 2003

I didn't give Ki a hope. Instead I wrote back saying that I would be in Hong Kong as soon as possible. I kept the note very brief, hoping that this would demonstrate my frustration. A little warning that she should not be pushing too hard.

It worked. Her reply was...

'I am sorry to be impatient, I am just so anxious to see you only, I am thinking of you always, don't you see what this means??, what you mean to me already??. But I will be patient, I don't want to angry you. Call me again soon, I want to talk to you'

It was becoming a game; an irresistible game. I had no expectation of ever seeing Ki. So why not just see where the game will take me. There was nothing to lose.

I didn't reply for several days, then wrote..

'Sorry, am very busy at the moment, working long hours, will write more in a few days. Take care'

Then I waited....


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