Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Give me a hope

My first impression when speaking to Ki, was that I didn't like her voice, it was very monotone. Immediately, I felt that I had nothing to say to her. So the conversation felt strained and unnatural.

This made me nervous. Why? When I knew that I never need meet her or speak to her again.

So I found myself asking way too many questions. 'Do you like your job?' 'Do you like living in Hong Kong?' 'Where do you live?' And her answers were as bland as my questions. She seemed to have no interest in me at all.

I was glad when she said she had a lunch engagement with a friend and would have to go.

Leaving the office shortly after, I concluded that I need think about Ki no more. What did it matter? There was still Lowan and all the others. I went home to wake Maggie.

I didn't think about Ki again.

It was quite a surprise then, when on Monday, I opened my Hotmail account and found the following note:

'Steve, you sounded so nice by your voice, it made me want you more, I thought about you all the rest of the weekend, how can we be apart any longer? I am so unhappy when I think that I don't know when you will leave Shanghai. Please Steve give me a hope'


Blogger hedgehogman said...

so you've got a meaningless conversation there with Ki. well thats ok, sometimes we must involved in that kind of situation, some chit and chat with people.

8:39 pm  
Blogger Kamal Mettananda said...

Hey you know what, the way you were talking to Ki must be the reason why Ki is thinking more on you...

Anyway better to give some hopes as life is alive only till hopes are there.

10:37 am  
Blogger Angel said...

Hope you figure something out. I think men are wierd LOL

10:42 am  
Blogger Angel said...

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10:59 am  
Blogger something from me said...

Well Hedgehog,
You have to wait and see what happens to Ki, there is a lot more.

Yes I think you are right.

Thanks Angel, men are weird.

1:00 pm  

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