Thursday, May 18, 2006

Do you want that too?

November 2002

That night, I didn't mention Maggie's stated intention of staying with me on my arrival in Hong Kong.

I didn't want to give her the impression that my reason for seeing her again was in any way about sex, or that it was a particularly big deal to me, although in truth it was. And most importantly, I only wanted her to stay with me, if she chose to do so.

It became my principal, in this and subsequent relationships, that the lady made all the choices, without being influenced by me. I never tried to force anything, from when we met, where we went, what we did, when we made love. I just sat back, and waited.

The only choice I ever made was the final one.

And my anger, when I was angry, was simply because they didn't always make the right choices.

We talked for about an hour at the end of which Maggie asked, just as we were saying goodbye, 'you know I want to stay with you when you come to Hong Kong, do you want that too?'


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