Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The frog and the papayas

November 2003

Meanwhile, I was also in communication with Lowan. After a few emails she sent me the software to download MSN Messenger onto my laptop. Once I set this up, we started using it to talk throughout the day.

Our conversation was mainly light hearted. I started a theme I have now used a few times since, where I was a frog and she was a princess, and then the frog would ask 'what must I do to get the princess to kiss me?'

As the story goes, a kiss from the princess and the frog becomes a prince.

She always ended by saying; how can the princess kiss the frog, when the frog is not in Hong Kong?

Other times she would joke about her large papayas, how sweet they were, how tasty. Often though, when our talk was of this nature, she would suddenly seem nervous, and then change the subject. Perhaps worried by the impression she might be giving.

And for a while we would talk of other things. Always returning eventually though to the frog or the papayas.


Blogger nepspeed82 said...

Try becomming a "super frog" and leap from where you're standing all the way to hongkong. Then the princess can kiss the frog. (Hmmm... Probably too much coffee.)

8:25 pm  

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