Friday, May 19, 2006


May 2006

There is a guy called David who writes to me, and thousands of others, at least twice a week. He has been writing for a few months now. He writes because I let him.

He makes a claim. He says that he has the ability to 'double' my dating. With his techniques he says, it makes no difference whether I'm old, fat, ugly, poor, bald or even a bit smelly, I will still have the ability to enchant a supermodel.

Indeed, so confident is he of the power of his technique that he says that the supermodel will end up chasing me. I will have 'hot chicks eating out my hand'.

His emails are full of testimonials from guys who have successfully used his methods.

I must admit that in essence I agree with what he has to say. Although I am rather dubious that the average overweight middle aged business man could ever be a babe magnet.

When I think about David's advice, as I often do, I wonder how far my experience with Maggie, Ki, Sylvia and the others go to prove his theories.


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