Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The fax

December 2002

I arrived in Shanghai early the following afternoon, and having found my driver, headed for the Equatorial hotel.

The journey was a long won. Shanghai is a very congested city. As prosperity increases, so does car ownership. Add to this the bicycles, taxis, buses and commercial vehicles and you get one huge traffic jam, and the sound of a million horns.

There was a fax awaiting me, when I went to the check in desk. From Maggie saying 'Welcome to Shanghai honey, in 4 days we will meet, I have done what I can, now it is up to you'

I didn't understand, but had no time to think about it. I had to freshen up, and go over to the office. I was already a couple of hours late.

I called Maggie, to tell her my room number, I'd already text her on my arrival. We spoke briefly, but I didn't mention the fax.

I jumped in a taxi, and headed for the office to see Lucia.


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