Wednesday, May 24, 2006

How do I do that?

December 2002

Our conversation continued in a similar vain, until it was time to say goodbye.

And then she asked 'Did you get my fax?'
'Oh yes, sorry, I meant to thank you'
'Why didn't you mention it before?'
'I just forgot, I'm rather jet lagged'
'Did you know my meaning?'
'Well, no not really'
'Oh' she sounded a little disappointed.

'What was your meaning?' I asked. I didn't know what else to say.
'Well I mean that I am making a commitment to you, by staying with you when you come to Hong Kong, so you have to prove that you have commitment to me too, is that fair?'

'And how do I do that?' I asked.


Blogger VenusSpeaks said...

Intriguing. Is this going to become a movie?

Thank you for your comment and encouragement via Blogger Group Help. I have posted a poem and would appreciate your feedback. (I struggled with the editor!) A few more stories to follow -including to answer your question (that millions of people want to know the answer too).

by VenusOnRealLove

11:31 am  

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