Thursday, May 25, 2006

Making sure

December 2002

Maggie was trying to tell me how I could 'win her heart'. She said she likes a man to be a gentleman.

Then she explained to me exactly what her idea of a gentleman was.

She wanted somebody to take care of her when out, to hold the door open for her in restaurants. She said she would listen to the way I spoke to her and see if I held her hand as we walked down the street.

She gave me a complete outline of the behaviour she expected.

And in doing so, she made sure that only an idiot could get it wrong.

She was making sure I couldn't fail.


Blogger Anali said...

Very intriguing blog. I didn't get to read all the past posts because I'm too sleepy right now, but I think I will come back for more...

6:10 am  

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