Friday, May 26, 2006

Bacardi breezer

December 2002

Each night I was in Shanghai followed a similar pattern; dinner with Lucia and other colleagues, then back to the hotel to call Maggie and after that, out into the night, alone.

When I was last in Shanghai, I'd been taken to the Moaming Road, a lively little area, full of bars and nightclubs. Young girls stand outside the bars to entice the men. Most of the men need little persuasion.

As you walk down the street, other women will approach, offering sexual services. These women are nearly always ugly.

This time, I came to Moaming Road alone. I didn't have a particular purpose, I just wanted to see if there was anything to tempt me. I have always had a fascination for this seedy kind of nightlife.

I chose a bar, and was escorted to a seat, by a young, fairly attractive girl, who took a seat at my side. I ordered a beer, the girl asked me to buy hr a drink, we sat and talked, although her English was not so good.

She stayed with me until I refused to buy her a second. Then she was replaced by another, who also asked for a drink. As she was ugly, I refused, and along came a third girl.

Each girl would touch me and flirt, but there was never any suggestion that they were offering more. Indeed, I didn't notice any of the girls leaving with the men. They just seemed to offer the pleasure of their company, in exchange for as many Bacardi breezers as you are willing to buy.


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