Friday, May 26, 2006

You haven't kissed me yet

December 2002

It was a very early on the Saturday morning that I got into a taxi for Shanghai Pudong airport. It was heavy rain all the way, but fortunately, as it was so early, the traffic was light.

My difficult parting with Lucia the night before was all but forgotten, as my thoughts were of my eagerly anticipated meeting with Maggie. She was due to meet me at Hong Kong airport at 10am.

In my mind the whole journey was a worry that I might not meet her expectation. I didn't know her well enough at the time to know that in reality I already had.

I sent Maggie a text 'kiss you soon' Then my first disappointment; an hours delay on the flight. I sent Maggie a warning, although I knew she would check with the airport before leaving home.

It was near 11am when we landed, and it took another half an hour to get through all the normal airport procedures. At just before 11.30am, I walked through arrivals gate A, where we had arranged to meet. I took my time, walking slowly, so that I would more easily be able to pick Maggie out from the crowd, but she wasn't there.

I knew she was there though, as I'd spoken to her immediately upon landing. So, I dialed her number, and waited to hear her phone ring. 'Ah, there you are' I said.

As she turned around, my second disappointment, she was not as attractive as I'd remembered. My smile was weak; to this day, I don't know if she noticed. I didn't hold her, I just asked, 'which way?'

In the taxi, a few minutes later, as we headed toward Hong Kong, she said 'you haven't kissed me yet'


Blogger Anali said...

Such a sad meeting. I can't imagine that Maggie didn't notice. I guess it was difficult for both of you.

5:35 am  

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