Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The most sensual kiss

December 2002

We went to get some tea, a Hong Kong version of English tea, served very strong and sweet. Then we walked for a while around the shops of Causeway Bay, before returning, in the early evening to the hotel.

Maggie had booked us a table in the Peninsular Hotel. We had a window seat on the 26th floor. The views across Hong Kong harbour we fantastic. It was a truly romantic setting for dinner. We ordered lobster, but struggled to eat it, as both our appetites were poor, it had already
been an incredible day.

Later we took our wine over to the dance floor. A live band was playing, and Maggie liked to dance. We stayed several hours; dancing, sitting and kissing. We were both very tired, but neither of us wanted to suggest leaving; this would be our first night together.

We didn't get back to the hotel until after 2am. Once back in the room we kissed for what seemed like hours before I let Maggie have her shower. This was my first glimpse of Maggie's night time ritual, a ritual I would share for the next two years, always a shower before bed. Bedtime became our time. I showered too, wanting to please her.

And then we climbed into bed, put out all but one of the lights and immediately started to kiss again. This time though, there was no stopping, the kissing turned to touching, and the touching became increasingly intimate. I removed her clothing and kissed her perfect breasts.

As her pleasure increased, so did her exclamation. And with this encouragement, my confidence grew, and I lowered my head for the most sensual kiss of them all.


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