Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Inside me?

December 2002

Tuesday was our last night together.

I caught a taxi from work to Maggie's house where I had been invited to have dinner. Her mother was a good cook, serving us the most delicious dumplings.

Although I wasn't shown around, I could see that Maggie's house was small, and it housed three adults and two dogs. But Maggie considered it to be quite a luxury accommodation. She would often mention that by Hong Kong standards, her house was quite large.

We caught a taxi back to the hotel around 8pm, her mother asked when I would be coming back to Hong Kong, I was forced to say that I didn't know.

This time, as we became intimate, I felt myself stiffen a little. Although I wasn't sure if it was really enough, I climbed between her legs, and gently eased myself inside her. 'Oh yeah honey' she cried, 'fuck me, fuck me'. For a moment, in my surprise, I stopped; never before had a woman spoken to me with such desire. She cried out again, 'no don't stop, honey'

She felt very tight around me, making me worry that I might hurt her, so I kept my movement deliberately slow and didn't push myself too deeply inside. After she came the first time, I relaxed a little, lengthening my movements, 'oh yes, honey' she cried, as she came for a second time.

I was happy now; I'd managed to prove to myself that I could be a good lover. 'Come with me this time, honey' she said.

Tensing every muscle, closing my eyes and concentrating as hard as I could, I continued to make long, slow movements, and then finally, I began to feel my pleasure rise, and then as she came again, I felt my own climax as I released my hot milk inside her.

'Oh, honey' she said, as I held her in my arms, 'I come so many times'

For a while after, we lay on the bed, drifting toward sleep. Then suddenly, she jumped up; 'oh honey, did you come inside me?'


Blogger nepspeed82 said...

Thanks for linking back. Parting is such a painful sorrow... but in your case it's a more intense and sensuous one. Yeahhh!

8:25 pm  
Blogger Anali said...

Uh, oh. I'm wondering what follows. This could go in so many directions from here!!

For my totes, one is going to mom and the rest, not sure yet. I have no idea how many people visit my site. I don't have a counter. I don't think it is that many though, but it has increased a little. The link is fine, but you could put the site name if you want. I appreciate it either way.

3:56 am  

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