Friday, June 02, 2006

Back into bed

December 2002

I awoke early in the following morning, with Maggie still in my arms. She stirred as I kissed her, 'I love you' she said. And with that we started again, my tongue tasting the delights of the night before, until I felt her climax again.

Then holding her, we fell asleep again, not waking again until midday.

I wanted to get up, we were due to meet Maggie's mother for lunch and I wanted to see a bit more of Hong Kong, but Maggie just wanted more sleep. 'I love you' she whispered again. 'I love you too' I replied.

So that was our first whole day together; sleeping, waking, making love, and then falling asleep again. 'I want you to have pleasure too' she kept saying. 'Don't worry' I replied, 'I'm very happy'. Finally, we got up around 2.30pm and caught a taxi to meet her mother.

We sat at the back of a huge restaurant full of large round tables. Despite the lateness of the hour, the restaurant was still full. I was witnessing the Hong Kong tradition of Sunday lunch.

Her mother did not speak English. She smiled, but eyed me with a degree of suspicion. With Maggie translating she asked 'are you just having fun?'

Maggie answered for me, telling her mother that we were in love, and that my intentions were serious. After that, the conversation was fairly easy going, her mother laughed at me, saying I looked like Beckham.

After lunch we walked around the shops for a while, and then caught a taxi to Maggie's house, so that I could meet their two dogs. I had to pretend to like them.

It was early evening when we returned to the hotel, we showered quickly and climbed back into bed.


Blogger nepspeed82 said...

Well... Always staying in bed now hey. Its a nice thing for a day. In a week, its already bad for your health. Just kidding.

Hey I got you linked just like what you asked in my blog. How about linking back to me.

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