Monday, June 05, 2006

I knew I would not be ready

December 2002

We met early that evening in Causeway Bay, she had been home and changed her clothes, I had declined a night out with Henry, on the grounds that I was still suffering jet lag.

We went for hot pot, since she remembered that I'd mentioned having enjoyed it in Shanghai. I felt a bit down, I think she did too, and we struggled to make conversation. This worried me, and I thought, incorrectly as it happens, that it might bother Maggie too.

We walked back to the hotel through Victoria Park. I had to leave Hong Kong in two days time, and that parting was already on our minds. I had no reason to believe that I would ever be able to see her again.

Our mood improved as we climbed into bed, and soon once again my tongue was exploring the most intimate parts of her delicious body. She was able to climax again and again, only stopping to try to return the favor, occasionally saying 'I want you to have pleasure too'.

Again she slept in my arms. She was small and light, so it was easy to support her weight. It felt so good, just to be able to hold her like that. As her sleep deepened, I lay there thinking about all that had happened since we met just over a month before. It was quite a story already. But the story was soon to end, and I knew I would not be ready.

The next morning, Maggie had to get up with me, so I move down under the bedclothes and woke her with my tongue, and then as she still seemed reluctant to move from the bed, I did it a second time.

Skipping breakfast, I walked her to the metro, trying to postpone the inevitable parting for as long as possible. We were both late that morning.


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I'm still reading. I admit I'm hooked. Your part of my daily routine now! Thanks for the link!

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