Wednesday, June 21, 2006

That question.

December 2002

The following day, I called later, to give her time to get back from her family dinner.

'How was your dinner?'
'Good. Mother was happy to have all her family together.'

Maggie had three brothers and a sister. Two of the brothers were married; the third lived at home with Maggie and her mother. Maggie's sister lived in Montreal with her three children, and was planning to marry the following year.

'I told them' she said. 'They were all surprised that I finally find the right person to marry. From their experience, I have never been so serious with a guy before'
'They were pleased though?'
'Oh yeah, but then they ask; are you serious or just playing the game with me.'
'Why does everyone keep asking that?' I tried to sound indignant. It worked; she became defensive.
'Don't be angry, honey. They are trying to protect me only.'

She went on to tell me that her mother had offered her support, telling the rest of the family that she had met me, and that she thought I was a good guy.

At that point, she said the conversation changed to when and where we would marry, and where we were going to live. They asked her 'are you going to leave Hong Kong?' She told them that I would be moving there.

Then she asked, 'any news when you will move to Hong Kong?'
'Will you know soon? So I will have something to tell them.'
'Maybe after Christmas'
'Ok honey, I don't want to push you on this point, I am just anxious to prove to them that we are serious'

'Honey' she said, 'don't be angry, they are my family, they want to make sure I don't get heart broken'
'Ok, I'm just really fed up with that question'


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Hi AT,

Thanks for taking up my suggestion! I have still not started reading your love story though! I plan to do that tomorrow. I bet it's as wonderful as Aim-Meck!

By the way, How do I add a link of your blog to mine? I am still figuring that out!



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