Thursday, June 29, 2006

Back in Hong Kong

January 2003

Maggie was still at work when I landed, so we arranged to meet at the Central Station; I hadn't used the Hong Kong metro before, but it was simple and very quick. She was there when I arrived.

She was dressed in jeans and a long black coat, which I mistook to be leather. We hugged and kissed for a long while, before joining the taxi queue.

We made small talk as the taxi crawled towards the hotel. This was Hong Kong's rush hour. We were staying in the City Garden Hotel again. We had six nights together this time.

She asked after my leg, and I showed her the support stockings I had to wear.

At the hotel, I took a quick shower and then we went out to eat. It was a warm night, so we chose to eat in the hotel garden, where they were serving a buffet. The food was good, but my appetite poor.

After that we walked through North Point toward Victoria Park. We walked arm in arm, stopping to kiss along the way. 'I am so happy to see you again' I said.

We returned to the hotel early, showered and climbed into bed. Within seconds I was kissing her neck, shoulders and breast. They were as beautiful as I remembered.

Moving up, to kiss her mouth, I could see the excitement in her eyes. Removing her underwear, I slid my finger between her legs. I knew by now that I would soon feel her come.

And as soon as she did, I moved my head down so that I could use my tongue to pleasure her. 'Oh, honey' she said 'you make me come again'


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